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Indie, Roots

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Astrid Zeman - vocals, guitar, trombone, loop pedal.


Andrew Bird, Camille, Martina Topley-Bird

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Gossling , kyu , Winter People , Tigertown , Gnome , Bec sandridge


Sydney solo artist Astrid Zeman started writing her own music when she was 14 years old. A self-taught guitarist, her musical style has developed from acoustic singer-songwriter into folktronica, layering guitar and vocals using a loop pedal. Astrid is able capture the full-range of her instruments by layering melodies, harmonies, harmonics and percussive elements, so that it is not unusual to hear seven or more separate voices in a single tune. Heavily influenced by loop artists such as Andrew Bird and with a voice often compared to Joni Mitchell, her music infuses wistful soprano tones into richly layered strings and textures. From 2007-2011 Astrid played rhythm guitar, trombone and sang vocals for folktronica band Frontiers in Photography. Over the last few years Astrid has been developing her own compositions, drawing inspiration from many sources: novels, the sound of fridge contents, skateboarding dinosaurs, spelling autocorrection, vibrant colours, printers, buildings, word jumbles. Astrid also performs under the name Lullaby Bandit, with a blues-roots sound: This page posts regular updates on upcoming gigs, blurbs on song writing, videos and photos, etc. Songs are regularly uploaded to Soundcloud in the form of live recordings, works in progress, song ideas and so on: