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Indie, Pop, Rock, Roots

band members

John Goodson - Vocals, keys, songwriter Gavin Rossitti - Guitar Mark Dyer - Bass Dylan Howels - drums Leesa Baker - Backing vocals Madonna Davies - Backing vocals Nick Emtage - Horns Stephan Beattie - Backing vocals and extra noises Plus other local awesome musos when the occasion demands


Townsville psychedelic punk folk outfit Astronaut Launch Party, previously known as The Sexiccleisestes, have been described as a “raucous circus of hyper speed gypsy rock” embracing “just about every element of theatrical rock & roll in existence”. They've been cooking up some tunage in their lofi recording studio and have released a 5 track self titled EP available on Spotify and the like. The Astronauts are about to head over to the UK and France for a mini tour of some pubs and at least one village square in August this year, which they'll use as an opportunity to drink more beer and write more songs. They're mixing down an 8 track album due for release later in the year.