Artist info


Indie, Rock

Sounds like

The Yeah Yeah Yeah's, the veronicas, ting tings

band members

Leah-vocals , Bryn-bass, Jess - guitar, Zeus - keys, Ryan - drums


Rage Against The Machine, abba


Bryn – bass , a former gigilo by trade, fell into massive debt in the late 90’s forcing him to change his name and move to India for 5 years where he mastered the Zen art of bass playing and camel breeding; spiritual and metaphysical leader of the band. Leah – lead singer, born into a Russian circus family, had mastered the cannon ball jump by age 7. After a sabotaged trapeze accident ended her circus career, she turned to singing, where she excelled and had won the prestigious Fields Medal at age 16. Jess – guitar, blessed with perfect pitch in both ears at the same time, could play the circle of fifths in under 12.5 seconds before her 3rd birthday, on 12 different instruments, has been described Strolling Rones magazine as the next Yo-Yo Ma. Ryan – drums, a former swiss chocolatier and rare coin counterfeiter, escaped from a Laotian death sentence in 1998, only to discover his talent in percussion in 2008 after a brief stint as David Copperfields body double in several TV specials in the US.



14 Oct 2009


Nice sound, really like the vibe, give us some gigs in canberra!!

Nice sound, really like the vibe, give us some gigs in canberra!!