Artist info


Pop, Roots

Sounds like

pete murray, Crowded House, David Gray

band members

Athol Birnie - guitar/vocals/harmonica




When I was 13 years old I was handed a guitar and I haven't stopped playing it since. Now at 26 I have been lucky enough to make a living out of music for the last seven years. Granted it has been mostly playing other peoples music but it is still fun. However not as much fun as playing my own music. At the start of this year I finished recording my first solo album "Ask The Music". Which is the reason I'm here, and you. Growing up I've always had diverse musical interests and enjoy most music styles, so this album is not consistent to one genre, but I guess if you had to put a style on it it tends to bounce around from folk to pop/rock. Anyway I hope you enjoy the songs and their stories, and if you do please rate me. Thanks, Athol. ps. my album is available to buy on itunes. follow the link from my myspace page.