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Sounds like

Flaming Lips, Velvet Underground , Dandy Warhols

band members

Angus - Percussion Albert - Organ Ella - Guitar, Vocals Frank - Guitar, Vocals Matt - Guitar, Vocals Will - Drums


Flaming Lips, Dandy Warhols, Velvet underground


Hailing from Adelaide, this rag tag bunch of kids makes rag tag music. Full of catchy hooks and rhythms that make you want to get up and shake, Atilla My Honey have been sharpening their teeth playing in Adelaide for the best part of a year. They wouldn't feel uncomfortable supporting The Brian Jonestown Massacre, but they also sure as heck wouldn't feel uncomfortable supporting Taylor Swift. It's 100% about the music, it's 100% about the fun, it's 200% Attila My Honey.