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Rock, Pop

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August Storm - Vocals/Rhythm Guitar The Arkadians - Bass, Drums, Keys, Lead Guitar.


led zeppelin, P!NK, muse


Ancient Greece, 2011 BC. The states are at war. The empire is ravaged by famine, greed and starvation. But there is hope embodied in the Arkadians, a band of warriors fighting to bring a paradise to the savaged empire and bring peace to war torn Greece. For a while peace prevails. The warriors watch over the states, successful in their campaign and thus when they die, the gods grant them a paradise in the afterlife, a Utopia where the deserving may rest beyond their crypts in eternity. However the world came to blows, again. The empire was torn to pieces in the upheaval. Revolution shredded a once peaceful world where it lies in wait for a group of warriors to save it. 2011, Modern Day Four thousand years have passed. Civilizations have risen from the ashes and fallen to the ground. Technology has taken over the world. Chaos and Peace has come and gone. But evil threatens again. An evil bent on bringing the world to its knees. But with it, a band of warriors have risen again. Four people using the power of pop and rock to fight back. To fight the chaos and save the world. They. Are. Arkadian. And with them, on the winds from the East, a leader was born, leading them to battle. She was once The Temptress, but now The Storm...She is August Storm.


c cat

09 Aug 2013


Excellent stuff. Top video also.

Excellent stuff. Top video also.