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band members

Austin Busch - resonator guitar, harmonica, vocals Anthony Murray - Drums Louis Gill - Double Bass Indiana Avent - Violin


Eric Bibb, Tim Buckley

Unearthed artists we like

Dallas Frasca, Rosie Burgess


Austin has been immersed in music for as long as he can remember, but it’s the last couple of years that has seen Austin carve a name for him self as one of the Geelong’s best up-and-coming blues musicians. Austin studied music at University, however, he found it too clinical, and decided to make his musical progression more natural and unforced. He left the structured environment to forge his own path. This free-form sentiment is reflected in his live performances on his lapsteel, acoustic guitars and harmonica’s wether it be solo or with his band. Austin’s songs are honest, earthy and full of groove. Armed with a love for music and passion to play this guy is on a collision course with success.