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Sounds like

The Ghost Inside, Parkway Drive, Architects

band members

Haydn Wood - Vocals Jason Pantino - Guitar Sam Powell - Guitar Dan Bonhomme - Drums Justin Bryant - Bass



Aveira Skies are a 5 piece hardcore/metal act hailing from Perth, Western Australia. They made their live debut in the Perth music scene mid 2011 showing what they have to offer with their blend of melodic riffs and heavy breakdowns. In just their first few months they have supported big national acts Heroes for Hire and Northlane, and also debuting their EP "Longer Than Flesh, Longer Than Ashes" ...which has recently appeared on the iTunes Bestsellers Metal Charts. 2012 shows that Aveira Skies have no intention of slowing down. With supporting big national and international acts such as Dream On Dreamer, Buried In Verona, The Plot In You, Silent Screams, Resist The Thought & Far West Battlefront. Aveira Skies plan on spending 2012 continuing to rise up and take the Australian metal music scene by storm.



27 Aug 2013


It's just s...

It's just sweet you guys are awesome! Not only in the studio but I saw you guys a while back at the HQ and even though your amp was skrewing up you were still a phenomenal show. Seriously a bad ass band. Check us out we're Opus

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15 Feb 2013


Im a big fan of ...

Im a big fan of 'Parkway Drive, The Ghost Inside and Confession' however this sounds nothing like the above. Given a few moments of drive in the the song, generic riffs with unoriginal lyrics and melody form a wash of confusion and meaningless sound stemming from a vocalist that has a 'B-grade' scream voice. disappointing to the ears.

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15 Feb 2013


Fuck Yeah!!

Fuck Yeah!!