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Pop, Rock, Roots

Sounds like

Shakira, Cat Empire

band members

Robin Zirwanda - lead vocals & percussion. Nick Ciccarelli - Trumpet Ben Samuels - Sax and Clarinet Nick Ujhazy - Guitar Tatyana Dunlop - Backing Vocals


Youssou N'Dour, Salif Keita, Santana



Iraqi-born songwriter Robin Zirwanda sings in his native Assyrian Neo-Aramaic
language, once the common tongue of the civilised world but now considered
to be in danger of extinction.
To the mysterious sound of this ancient language he adds the familiarity of poprock
and the spicy heat of Latin rhythms. It’s a dance concoction deliberately
pitched at mainstream audiences, and it has made Azadoota one of Australia’s
most popular world music acts.
In costumes derived from Ancient Assyrian fashion, Azadoota perform a
repertoire of catchy originals, which extends from percussive dance tunes to sexy
love songs, to solid funk and a touch of reggae - always conveying an
irrepressible sense of celebration.
Seemingly fuelled by espresso and Iraqi temper alone, percussion powerhouse
Robin fronts the band with timbales and doumbek his tools of trade, twirling his
drumsticks as he switches effortlessly from Cuban rhythms to those of his home
Azadoota’s two commercial releases, 2008’s “Planetarian” and 2011’s “Beyond
Bridges” have garnered rave reviews at home and overseas. The band has
performed at a diverse range of venues, from the tiniest bush halls to the most
well-known festivals.
2015 sees the release of Azadoota’s single “Lishana (Jesus Spoke My Language)”,
which aside from being hugely catchy and danceable, doubles as a rallying cry
for young Assyrians to preserve their iconic language.
With a 4-decade age gap between youngest and oldest members, Azadoota’s
music spans genres and generations. Bikies start bopping, folkies let loose, emo
kids smile and hippies go berserk whenever Azadoota take the stage.