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Dance, Hip Hop, Indie, Pop

Sounds like

Bōnewoman, Erykah Badu, Portis Head, radiohead, massive attack

band members

Lyrics Vox Guitar: Lorien-Summer Moysey Bass: Elijah Quinsee-Jarvis Guitar: Angus Jarrah Bebey Drums: Felix Billington Kleinman


Bjork, Yusuf Kamal, Vulfpeck, Dilla, Jeff Buckley, Radiohead, all of the amazing Local Melbourne Artists.


Bōnewoman are a Psychic-Jazz-Soul-Pop family hailing from the east coast shores of Byron Bay and monumental streets of Melbourne. Both locations are drawn upon to build a project that imagines the surrounding world through a lens of contrast and distinction. This upbringing has lyrically guided singer Lorien-Summer to explore dichotomies between essential qualities of life, topics such as science and magic, artificiality and nature, individualism and collectivism, the digital and organic, dormancy and growth.

The music behind the words similarly interprets the rhythms and melodies of life, and in an age of sensory overload, inspiration to create art can be naturally overwhelming. Amongst these endless opportunities, the vibrations that connect our creative flow inform the pathways we take as artists. Bōnewoman come together a creative power of insatiable minds, practicing what each they have unearthed from the discipline of music and that which they have discovered in virtue of life itself. Touching on a multitude of contrasting styles that have influenced the band, Psychic-Jazz-Soul-Pop emerges as a genre of its own.

Bōnewoman worked along side Greg O'Shea For their debut single 'Activ8', O'Shea has worked with such artists as Tegan and Sara, O Mercy, Feist, K-os, and more.

"You can hear clear influences or comparison from groups such as Dirty Projectors, Hiatus Kaiyote, early Tune-Yards or even more recently Tetrahedra. But instead of coming across as a poor imitation, there’s a sense of purpose and knowledge behind all their decisions. They’re not just throwing random ideas out there, their cryptic lyrics teases and leaves me curious for future release. I need to know more about Bōnewoman and in their own lyrical words – “A cryptic mind is infinite.” " - Marcus Rimondini - THE RIPE