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Sounds like

Royal Blood , The White Stripes , Queens Of The Stone Age

band members

Joe Stone- Bass and Vocals Theo Idstrom- Drums


Royal Blood , Clowns, The White Stripes , Muse



2 People, 3 amps and a mountain of noise; Baby Dave are a force to be reckoned with. Drummer Theo Idstrom and bassist Joe Stone make up the entirety of Baby Dave and are inspired by the likes of Royal Blood, The White Stripes, Queens of The Stone Age, mixing it all together with a blend of their own blues and funk backgrounds.

The duo blasted into the Hobart music scene mid 2018, quickly gaining large amounts of interest over their "larger-than-life" sound and punchy riffs, earning them a slot on the Homebrewed Stage at the Marion Bay Falls Festival. Since then, the boys have been wreaking havoc around the state, recently dropping their self-titled debut EP. The release saw them touring around the state, playing with a variety of bands and artists, tearing down the roof on each venue with every blistering performance.The boys are excited to kick things off in the new decade, having just announced their spot on the M8sFest 2020 lineup. With their deafening ruckus and high energy performances, Baby Dave are ready to rip the world to shreds.