Artist info


Rock, Punk

band members

Bec - Drums/Lead Vocals, Jacqui - Guitar/Vocals, Kristy - Bass/Vocals


punk/rock/bad 80's metal, big muff pedals, grrls with guitars

Unearthed artists we like

The Watt Riot, SUPERPUSSY, Mortal Sin


Unashamedly hailing from Wollongong Australia, Babymachine have been bringing a fresh perspective to the classic old school rock sound since 1999, drawing heavily on the punk/DIY tradition. With their tongues planted firmly in your political cheek and a sound that has been described as “the roar of a thousand births”, these girls put on an energetic live show guaranteed to make you stand up and listen. Playing venues such as the Annandale Hotel, The Tote, the Lansdowne, the Excelsior, the Imperial, and The Oxford Tavern (Wollongong), they have rocked the stage with acts like Magic Dirt, and The Haggard (US). To date, Babymachine have released a ten track album “Birth Is Imminent”(Toxic Shock Records 2003), distributed in the USA by 16records ( They are currently writing the material for a second album with a planned release in late 2006.