Artist info


Roots, Indie

Sounds like

Go Betweens, Cardigons

band members

Sarah Cosmos - Guitar Vocals, Tobias Robinson - Guitar Vocals, Alexander Robinson - Bass, Steve Robin- drums


Smiths, Gillian Welch, The Cure


On a Friday night in Brisbane, two people met at Rics Cafe(the valley) and jammed until dawn. These people were Sarah Cosmos and Tobias Robinson. Since that time, they've played at festivals, parties and bars. Alexander Robinson joined with his bass and 'Back to Sea' was formed. The sound of this band is constantly evolving with strong influences from bluegrass, jazz, and Australian folk. All of these styles are combined with sophistication and ooomph, allowing room for Sarahs' angelic voice. Back to Sea is currently enjoying a strong following on the Sunshine Coast, and will soon be releasing their first album independently (with the help of Steve Robin on drums). Back to Sea have just moved to Melbourne for a change of pace! And are currently undergoing a name change.......maybe back to the city!!! Kepp watching this space..........