Artist info


Indie, Punk, Rock

Sounds like

Powderfinger, The Strokes, Ruby Fields

band members

Vocals and Guitar - Matt Skinner Bass - Lucy Browning Drums - Lachie Standing


Foo Fighters, AC/DC, The Who

Unearthed artists we like

The Southern River Band, Brothr Bear, RUBY FIELDS



Fresh from the backyards of Booragoon, where the grass is green and patio tables are card laden, come The Backyard Cards. This three piece post-punk indie rock outfit produces melancholic tunes imbued with the sprit of West Australian youth.

Behind the squealing guitar and catchy vocals is Perth’s answer to Mark Knopfler: Matt Skinner. Basing his style off of influences such as Ruby Fields, Kurt Cobain, and The Strokes, Skinner projects a disaffected air that’s sure to draw you in.

On bass influenced by Violent Femmes and James Jameson and simultaneously putting them to shame is Lachie Browning.

The love child of Dave Grohl and Kram; Lachie Standing aims to usurp John Bonham for the drum throne.

Tackling subjects such as social isolation, loneliness and being broke, The Backyard Cards, fuelled by burgers and booze, have nothing left to lose.