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Rock, Metal

Sounds like

black sabbath, Hellacopters, MC5

band members

Matt EP - Lead Bass & Vox, Kieron Lomax - Guitar & Vocals, Zach West - Drums


turbonegro, Hellacopters, The Bronx, Slaughter, Rolling Stones


Bad Blood & Broken Bones' raucous interpretation of dirty rock and roll has found them a loyal following where the beers are cheap and entry is free. Guitarist Kieron Lomax & Lead Bassist Matt EP founded the band in 2007 and drafted Lead Drummer Zach West along with Lead Singer Davey Damaged. This is all killer riffs, throat ripping vocals and a nod to the classic heritage of glam rock, metal and punk (not to mention a respect for the bygone golden years of Adelaide pub rock). Bad Blood & Broken Bones are ready to burn a stage near you.


metal monkey

07 Sep 2010


I know I am read...

I know I am ready & willing to hear more classic rock from these guys. 5xStars

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