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Rock, Roots

Sounds like

Gary Clarke Jr, Cold Chisel, Stevie Wonder

band members

Jimi Steele - Vocals Elliot Courtnage - Hammond Organ Carl Treasure - Guitar Luke Young - Drums Vince Walker - Bass Lee Mallinson - Guitar Carl Bulow - Saxophone Chris Bonner - Trombone Shaun Dearing - Trumpet


The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles, Ya Dads Vinyl Collection


A simple idea born of fatherhood, friendship and a love of music has flourished and taken shape, almost as far South as you can go.

Meet The Bad Dad Orchestra, a collective of nine dads, all of whom have played key roles in Tasmania’s vibrant music scene over the past decade (Guthrie, Bad Beef, Dublo, Box Money, The Devilrock Four, The Staunches, The Stayns, The Blackstone Dukes and Horehound - to name a few!), now basking in their inherent “dadness” and wowing audiences with a high-energy rock n' soul live experience.

The ‘Dads latest EP, “Go And Ask Your Mother”, unleashed in September of 2017, is a self-produced four track EP that captures the band’s raw musical strengths: big grooves, snappy horn lines and catchy-as-hell vocals. Critics have already likened their sound to that of “classic Australian pub rock with a modern twist” and championed their unique brand of eighteen-legged soul.