Artist info


Rock, Metal

Sounds like

Guns'n'Roses, Pearl Jam, Disturbed

band members

Ryan-vocals, Luke-guitar, Budgie-drums, Klunk-bassist


Nikki, Portenoy, Jimmy, Jimi, Scott, , Slash, Dimebag, Zakk


BAD KARMA is a hard rock band made up of three musical misfits from Melbourne & one import from WA. With a sound described as a cross between Guns'N'Roses & Disturbed with some Pearl Jam thrown in,their music is big,heavy & of course,LOUD while still being melodic & thought-provoking. Simply put.....they F*%KING ROCK!!!Delivering a dynamically down & dirty live show they have recently shared the stage with Oz Rock legends The Screaming Jets,The Angels & Rose Tattoo,plus newer acts like Electric Mary,MM9 & 12 Foot Ninja. Producing a single & 2 EP's already,their first full length album "Chasing Ghosts" was launched on 29th Jan... .....So get ready!!Cause Bad Karma's coming to get you!!