Artist info


Indie, Rock

Sounds like

The Fall, Go-Betweens, The Clean

band members

Julian Teakle - guitar/vocals, Lisa Rime - bass/vocals, Matthew Moller - drums


The Stooges, The Make-Up


The Bad Luck Charms are from Hobart and feature ex-members of The Frustrations, The Stinky Bitches, Enola Fall and The Reactions. They started playing in August 2005. They toured Melbourne in August '06/May '07/July '07. They have released three CD-R singles (Lilith, I Dont Care Anymore, and The Little Bear & The Little Punk) and have released an EP, called "Halcyon Days". The EP and singles have sold out their initial print run and are included on the definitive compilation of early BLC material called "Almanac". The band recently released an album of new material "Rant & Drift" out through long running Tasmanian label Consumer Productions. The album was recorded by Anthony Rochester at his Winter Palace studios.