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Rock, Punk

band members

Zakky P - Vocals, Jordan - Bass, Scotty Dogg - Guitar, Milo - Drums




Mere seconds after watching the video clip to "Flight Like a Brave", jacked up on goon and... Well goon, it was decided that the dudes from the yet-to-be-named "Bad Taste" would start a band the likes of which the world had never seen (and would probably never have asked to see, given the choice). They decided two things; 1: Their music would be the most party-hearty thrashtastic funk known to man, and 2: They would only play at parties. The next week they found themselves on the bill of a show at a local venue. Although none of them had actually booked this show, they decided not to ask any questions and just shut up and play. Their 4 song set went over exceedingly well, solidifying the ill-advised idea that this band was indeed an intelligent decision. Fast-forward 2 years and Bad Taste have blazed the trail of sonic destruction to any pub, festival or party that would have them, including Falls festival (which they are set to play again this year) and Castle music fest. Members have also shared the stage with the likes of Mike Patton, The Melvins, Electric Mary and John Lennon. One of these claims may be false. Set to tour in January for the release of their new E.P, rest assured that at some point, you will have to deal with this band invading your city and psyche. Stay tuned, and stay excellent to each other.