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Indie, Rock

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Paul Adams - Vocals. Tommy Flint - Guitar. Alexx McConnell - Bass. Massimo Tolli - Drums.


The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Queens Of The Stone Age


Byron Bay based grunge rock four piece The Badlands emerged in 2014, colliding as a group of musical talents from across Australia and New Zealand. Made up of NZ born Pauly Adams (Vocals), Mid-North Coaster Tommy Flint (Guitar), Melbourne’s Massimo Tolli (Drums) and The Sunshine Coast’s Alexx McConnell (Bass), The Badlands have become known for being the definitive emerging rock group to watch. Tonedeaf magazine recently hailed them as ‘One of the top 10 stoner rock bands of all time’.

This gathering of gritty, rock and roll showmen draws its influences from a veritable mixture of 60’s/70’s Blues and Rock, combined with elements of 90’s Skate/Surf Punk, which can be heard in the solid, grungy bass licks and roaring guitar riffs that underpin their songs.

With a loyal following forming across Australia’s East Coast, these boys have got what every band needs. A serious level of sex appeal, combined with a lethal dose of talent, grunt and Rock n Roll vitality.Their new EP is set to blow the top off the musical jam jar and they’re live performances are testimony to their ability to not just entertain, but intoxicate the punters.

The self-proclaimed definition of their sound would be “If Rock n Roll wore Grunge out to dinner, took a trip of acid with Punk Rock and ate a politician you would find 'The Badlands' served on or in the last sip of whisky.” And listening to Lead singer Pauly Adams you can all but taste the whisky infused nature of his growling vocals.

The band have recorded 3 singles and an EP to date, with the first ‘New Age Prescription Product’ tracked and mastered at 301 Studios with Jordan Power and the second, ‘Never Know’ at Hydro Funk records, where it was produced and engineered by Dave Atkins and later sent abroad to be mastered by multi Grammy award-winning studio Lurssen mastering, based in L.A.

Their new 2016/17 EP ‘Superstitious Wishes’ has been recorded at Byron Bay’s Studio 9, with the help of emerging producer Cameron Spike-Porter. The EP is all but ready to hit the airwaves, with the latest single released on May 5th; The same titled ‘Supertitious Wishes’.

Having completed four main tours since their coming together, The Badlands live performances provide a raucous combination of robust, energetic sound that sets crowds into a state of heightened, playful, mosh-induced rock and roll mayhem. With several notable support slots also under their belt, including British India, Wolfmother, Brant Bjork and The Delta Riggs, the band are set to reach some untold heights with their offering of floor-quaking, guttural, dirty rock ’n’ roll.



02 Mar 2018


From fellow North Coasters well done guys. Got some serious attitude happening.

From fellow North Coasters well done guys. Got some serious attitude happening.



27 Sep 2017


The band name is amazing and bloody hell so is the music

The band name is amazing and bloody hell so is the music