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Sharon Jones, Paliament, cat empire

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Jesse Ricketson - Drums, Emily Collins - Vocals, Rosie Henshaw - Vocals, David Sattout - Guitar, Chris Arnott - Bass Guitar, Byron Mark - Keys/Percussion, David Dziedzic - Trumpet, James Maybury - Trumpet, Ruth Wells - Tenor Saxophone, Giordano Scapucci - Alto Saxophone, Samantha Paver - Barritone Saxophone


red hot chilli peppers, Betty Davis, James Brown


Eleven-piece party extravaganza The Bakery, are a delectable explosion of sound, colour and madness. Serving up a tasty blend of musical styles, ranging from funk to soul, ska to swing, and reggae to Drum’n’Bass, The Bakery has just one mission in mind - to make you dance your arse off. After bursting onto the Sydney music scene in late 2006, The Bakery have quickly developed an enviable live reputation, packing out venues across Sydney, and delighting festival crowds across Australia, with their theatrical, energy-filled live shows. With The Bakery, a gig is never just a gig, it’s a full-on show, a party, a wild hedonistic, ass-shaking celebration. Whether it’s a renegade street performance or a headline at Surry Hills Festival, The Bakery’s crazy onstage antics, flamboyant, absurd costumes, and contagious energy draw crowds in and keep them hooked from the first beat to the last. With a lineup comprising of two singers, a five-strong horn section, keys, guitar, bass, drums and percussion, The Bakery are truly big in both size and sound. This is a huge band of talented musicians pumping out solid grooves and catchy melodies, a powerhouse ‘party-core’ 11 piece. Habing recently sold out The Basement in Sydney and returned from a triumphant tour of the north coast of Australia, The Bakery are going from streangth to streangth as they work their way towards global domination. The Bakery are not to be missed.



24 May 2010


FAB song.....FAB...

FAB song.....FAB band live!!! Their music is food for the soul....mmmmm!! Takes you to that better place!!

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14 May 2010


It's refres...

It's refreshing to hear a band that unapologetically plays both with an ear to its traditions (in this case reggae/soul/hip-hop), and with its own sense of independence and ear. The Bakery is one such group. The first thing one notices in this piece is the excellent musicianship. These people can play - they've got both the chops and the sensitivity to dynamics that is so often lacking in young bands. Secondly, this is a fine arrangement - sophisticated changes bring to mind the niceties of a Steely Dan arrangement, for instance, but never at the expense of the vocal, which is strong and compelling. Overall, a great track which you want to return to. Five stars.

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09 Apr 2010


Love it - bring ...

Love it - bring on the funk.

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