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Jack Johnson, Donavon Frankireiter

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James Taylor, Bee Gees


My full name is Monwell Taukie Levi. I was born 31/5/1972 in Townsville QLD. I am of Torres Strait Islander descent. In 2004 I previously attented the Indigenous Music School in SA, CASM-Center of Aboriginal Studies in Music, only completing i'ts foundation year. After leaving SA i head back to the Torres Strait island to look after my partner. Since leaving Adelaide i started to perform my originals at the Thursday Island music festival. In the end of 2005 we moved to Canberra and here i've joind a R&B Trio group called V3 and i'm also playing in a Acoustic guitar Duo with a mate of mine in the "Stickleback Rats". I have performed at family, Socail, Government functions around Canberra. my biggest gig to date was at the Nation Meseum of Australia and playing in front of Xavier Rudd on a rock somewhere in canberra. I will continually work hard on my way towards making an album of my own....