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tumbleweed , spiderbait

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Psymon Hryma Ronnie


Tumbleweed,Sabbath, Melvins, Zeppelin, Helmet, QOTSA, Nirvana

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Regular Band, Kobrakai



Baltimore Gun Club have shared the stage with the likes of Custard, Phil Jamieson (Grinspoon), WAAX, King of The North and Butterfingers.

Their debut single 'Apollo' has been featured several times on ABCs Rage TV, Landed #27 on 4ZZZ Hot100 for 2015 & was nominated for Film Clip of The Year at The Gold Coast Music Awards.

Their 2nd single "Goumar" lands #14 on 4ZZZs HOT100 - 2016.

While their heavier track
"HOOKER BVD." receives an
Honorable Mention at the QLD MUSIC AWARDS


"Great production. Hearing Tumbleweed influences and that's a bloody awesome thing."
Jane Gazzo - Triple M

"Baltimore Gun Club are rapidly become legendary on the Bris music scene and we are so pumped to be seeing them today. They are a extremely hard working band who have played a gig every week this year so far I think, with plenty more dates in the works. Their bass driven, gutteral rock sound is of the highest calibre which is why they are regularly invited to play. I have seen them play many times and still want to hear them again and again. Once is definitely never enough. Not only do they satisfy the ear holes they are all great guys too. True legends in the making."
Jae Salmon - 4ZZZ

"Stoner with an upbeat, even funky energy. Lots of people try the metally funk thing and come a huge cropper, but not these guys. It's like a faster Tumbleweed or a heavier (and cooler) Spiderbait. It's good."

"Apollo rips and roars with the strength and conviction of a band playing to their strengths, with the kind of professionalism usually reserved for seasoned veterans."
Patrick Connors - SOCIETY OF SOUND


Review by Bazooka Fist Bazooka Fist

02 Sep 2016


Great rocking sound, husky vocals and just enough groove to make it a hit. Great video clip too.

Great rocking sound, husky vocals and just enough groove to make it a hit. Great video clip too.