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Rock, Roots

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Gary Clark Jr., G Love @ Special Sauce, The Cruel Sea , The Black Seeds , fat freddies drop , kingfisha

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Lead Vocals & Guitar: Shannon Sol Carroll / Bass & Bv: Oj ‘the Juice’ Newcomb / Keyboards & Bv: Andrew Szumowski / Guitar & Bv: Brodie Graham / Drums: Adam Felton


The Cruel Sea , Jimi Hendrix, The Meters , Miles Davis, Tommy Guerrero, Khruangbin


One of Australia's premier roots bands, 'Band of Frequencies' draw their influences from a vast spectrum of blues, rock, reggae, soul, and psychedelic genre's. Their signature blend comes from years of live experimentation, constantly pushing their influences into the creative fires to see what melts, what explodes and what merges. They have now successfully forged a bond of elements that ignites the band's natural chemistry, represents their coastal roots and strikes a chord with music lovers around the globe. It's this quality that has led to invitations to grace the stages of diverse festivals, at home and abroad, and to record soundtracks to several internationally released surf films.

"There are plenty of accomplished musicians out there. But only a few manage to attain a state where they become finely tuned antennae to swirling cosmic forces, channelling unseen spiritual energies and transforming a live music performance into a transcendental experience. I know, I’m gushing, but I happen to believe Band of Frequencies and their other-worldly frontman are that good. Catch them if you can.” - Tim Baker(Surfing World Magazine)

"Band of Freqs make great music with an authentic social conscience and put their minds, hearts, and music where their mouths are. Everything they do is quality – quality people with integrity and genuine ethics, delivering a message inside some really fantastic music. When they invite you to rise up and speak out, it’s because they want you to rise up and speak out with them, they’re not just mouthing platitudes. When they ask you to appreciate the beauty of the world, they’re asking you to look through the same lens they’re using as they travel the world creating their laidback activist empire. If you look into the background of what Band of Frequencies is doing, you can see where these choruses come from. You can tell that they mean what they say. That’s kinda rare, totally refreshing, and it sounds bloody fantastic." - Chloe Goodyear (Woodford Folk Festival)


Making it Happen

Band of Frequencies

Review by Pip Rasmussen Pip Rasmussen

13 Sep 2017

Triple J

I'm so on board this little funk soul roots train.

I'm so on board this little funk soul roots train.