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Indie, Rock

Sounds like

Female fronted Foo Fighters, Fleetwood Mac

band members

Kym Redmond Vocals & Rhythm guitar Paul Smith on Drums Lee Matheson - Bass Jake Bignell- Lead guitar


Karnivool, Foo fighters, Fleetwood Mac, The Superjesus, Alabama shakes, Florence and the machine, Kym Redmond , All of the above



Perth’s Band Of Missfits have done their time, served the apprenticeship of hard gigging, writing and recording that is essential for any band that’s going to make it. Having traversed everything from Alt country to hard rock, new single ‘Starvation’ sees Band Of Missfits creating their very own sound and maturing like the finest of bourbons into a smooth rock outfit with a kick.
Band Of Missfits are survivors. They’ve been through line-up changes, intra band tensions, heartbreak and loss and it shows in their music. Don’t expect an easy let off from this band that can draw you in with a ballad just as easily as they can rock your world with their own brand of full tilt boogie.
Songwriter and Band Of Missfits front woman, Kym Redmond writes songs straight from her soul to yours and performs with more than a passing nod to the women who’ve come before her, the likes of, Stevie Nicks, Whitney Houston, Barbara Streisand and Etta James. Redmond has a heart as big as her band’s sound, so don’t expect to escape their gigs without being hit square in the feels. Band Of Missfits are a musical rollercoaster ride, they specialise in the highs and lows of the human condition and have the musical engine to drive it hard and break it down any time they feel like it.
Nominated for Most Popular New Act in the 2018 WA Music Industry Association Awards, Band Of Missfits have continued to grow in stature and now stand at the pinnacle of the Perth rock music scene, ready to bust out and take their music to the world.
2020 is the beginning of an all new chapter for Band Of Missfits and there’s plenty of places to take that massive voice and drive of Redmond, with Lee Matheson now firmly entrenched on bass, Jake Bignell (Jackson Koke, Maddcatz) on lead guitar and original member Paul Smith on drums.
When venues open again Band Of Missfits needs to be top of your list of bands to see in 2020.
“[New single,] ‘Starvation’ is a threshold moment for a band that is showing that they have the flex of greatness in them.”
Around The Sound
“A great sound, a great band and a bloody great voice”