Artist info



Sounds like

metallica, Lamb of God, testament

band members

Nick Walker-Bass; Chris Parker-Guitars; Brad Parker-Vocals; Glen Trayhern-Drums


Speed, Groove, Feel


After three years of rehearsing 5 nights a week, marrying machine gun riffage to intricate bass lines, blitzkrieg drums to soaring guitar melodies and devil-dance grooves to spawn of Satan vocals, countless shows including international support slots and festival appearances, the release of a 3 track demo and a 7 track EP (which achieved worldwide airplay and was supported by a promotional tour) and commencing work on their first LP, brutal Australian thrashers Bane Of Bedlam suffered a massive setback when their lead guitarist broke his back and was eventually forced to step aside from the band. Having always taken every review and obstacle in their stride, with a view for growth, the remaining four members decided to pack their lives and relocate 1800 kilometres away. After four years of unrelenting passion, hard work and dedication to their art in the Brisbane (Queensland) metal scene where they had carved a name for themselves (and notably BY themselves) as one of Australia’s metal heavyweights, they knew that if they were to further their musical career and pursue their dream, they would have to move. And so they did. To their new hometown of Melbourne, Victoria. In only a few days of arriving in Melbourne, they had auditioned several new candidates and settled on a new lead guitarist. However, once studio sessions began for their first full length album, it became apparent that this individual was not nearly dedicated nor driven enough and was therefor swiftly removed from the band. Shortly after, the help of top Australian producer and Ernie Ball Musicman endorsee Dean Wells was enlisted to record the album that had been in progress since 2011. Entitled “Monument Of Horror”, containing artwork by the revered Marco Hasman and featuring guitar solos by Dean Wells, the album is in its absolute final stages of completion and represents a band who has been through countless highs and lows, yet has managed to continuously balance these extremes and stick together. With the goal of forever bettering themselves both as individual musicians and collectively, as a professionally tight and punishingly precise live unit.