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Roots, Rock

band members

Alex Henriksson: Vox, banjo, guitar, Rob Smith: bass, Nate Webb: guitar, Bos (Peter Bosworth) Drums, Vocals


Springsteen, Johnny Cash, CCR

Unearthed artists we like

Joshy Willo, Dead Shades, The Ellis Collective


" Last week the good folks from Bang Bang Boss Kelly shared with us the newly mastered cut of their latest single “Damian Barber” to see what we thought. We listened. And then listened again. And then we listened one more time. “Damian Barber” was nothing like anything else we’d heard from the band previously (although, admittedly, we’ve not seem them live). It was fast, it was frantic and we really really liked it. If you’re a fan of folk infused post-punk bands like The Thieves or Jack Flash then you’ll get a kick out of “Damian Barber” . Bang Bang Boss Kelly are taking the single on the road next month so if you like what you hear make sure you catch them live " Timber and Steel blog" WAR ON GOD


Reviewed by Nick Findlay Nick Findlay

17 Aug 2010

Triple J

not bad! keen to see how you guys progress

not bad! keen to see how you guys progress