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Rock, Indie

Sounds like

Dave Matthews Band?

band members

Pablo Zula - acoustic guitar/vocals, Chado - guitar/vocals, Bruce Lenart - drums


John Frusciante, the beatles ;), Nirvana


Bang of Sun is a four piece rock outfit, out of Kobe, Japan. Aussie Expats Pablo and Chado, founding members, co-write and perform an eclectic, yet unique style of acoustic rock-pop, fuelled by passion and hard rock influences, punctuated by the trials and joys of life as a samurai salaryman in sunny Japan. The Bang of Sun sound is distinctive acoustic mixed with classic electric guitar and bopping bass rhythms. Funk, grunge and rock influences, supporting poppy harmonies and wailing screams go some way to explaining the nature of audio on offer. Setting off from Kobe this year, Bang of Sun is set to hit the live stages of Osaka and Tokyo, while preparing an album and video to follow up from their initial release, "Teething". With a backlog of powerful tunes, and the power to cross genres, Bang of Sun is exploding from the inside, and ready to bang at the world's door.