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Indie, Roots

band members

Banjo Robertson - multiple instruments, vocals


Something For Kate, Paul Kelly, Radiohead

Unearthed artists we like

As A Rival, Paul Reid, Hayley Grace, Bird Box


Banjo Robertson is a self taught singer/songwriter based in Melbourne's northern sprawl. From early beginnings on piano, and then guitar in his teens, Banjo played purely for his own pleasure but it wasn't until he was in his 20's that pen began to hit paper. Creating lyrics from ramblings and converting sounds into songs. Now in his 30's it's time to take the songs off the paper and into the ears of the world with recording starting early this year. After a slight change in musical direction and a completely new setup to work in, the remainder of the year looks set to be busy yet productive. Currently in the studio creating the debut LP "The Solo Flight". Here's an extremely raw taster of what you can expect the LP to sound like. Like Banjo Robertson on Facebook to keep up to date with how the LP is progressing.