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Iain Esteban Max


red hot chilli peppers, sublime, audioslave, nirvana, the doors



Banned From The Club.

Banned FTC were formed in 2015 when the BritRock singer, songwriter Iain (Linamix) Harris met with a reggae and ska influenced, Argentinian, multi instrumentalist, Esteban Aap at an open mic in Noosa. Esteban took Linamix’s rap, rock and garnishing it with solid driving bass riffs, unnatural lead licks and haunting South American vocals, add to this the raw talent and technical ability of a 15, yes that's right 15 year old drummer (Max) and you have the grounds for a unique, alternative pith.
Esteban lays down a bass loop, then shreds the fabric of time with a blistering solo an octave up, still using the same guitar. Linamix’s vocal range redefines classic classing using both Spanish and English lyrics, Max’s commitment and style warps your mind with intricate fills and powerful, tight rhythm to truly bury the deep, driving funkadelia into your ears; the whole time the energy on stage would have Yo Muma up and dancing.
This self-managed, self-funded, truly independent endeavour is driven by a work hard, play hard attitude that is born of unadulterated passion.
As a live act they are polished and full of energy, the outcome is a slick, harmonic, funk, fusion three piece that are driven by the dirty, fun sound they have fine tuned, as long as the show blows you away, who cares how the night ends, hey, let’s all get Banned!

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Review by Nkechi Anele Nkechi Anele

03 Nov 2018

Triple J

So much energy from the get go - Love the psych vibes as well. Sweet times.

So much energy from the get go - Love the psych vibes as well. Sweet times.