Artist info


Punk, Indie

Sounds like

Hira Hira, Hot Cross, Circle Takes the Square

band members

Mitzi - Vocals, Katrina - Drums/Vocals, Tom - Bass/Vocals, Aaron - Guitar


Shellac, Circle Takes the Square, Blood Brothers

Unearthed artists we like

Parades, Hira Hira, To The North


Bare Arms in a four piece from the inner west of Sydney. They play that sort of Skramz, Screamo-y sort of thing (like the proper mid 90's stuff), but more bass driven compared to the usual guitar lead of a lot of bands in the genre. Formed in mid 2008 with many line up changes, the members have played in many different bands and genres, most notably the Thaw and When Chimps Attack. Sound wise the band mixes in heavy sections with an emphasis on unconventional time signatures and quiet intricate interludes. A five track ep is out now available around the place or at the bands website.