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Roots, Indie

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Tim Thomas - Vocals, Guitar, Percussion etc John Leung - Cello, Bass, Ukelele etc Olivia Compton - Vocals




Barefoot Biscuit is the young musical child of Tim Thomas, John Leung and Liv Compton. They bring an eclectic mix of influences together into a musical combination that they like to call Soulful, Psychedelic Roots. Tim, on guitar, vocals and percussion, brings an acoustic roots sound touched by psychedelia and art rock. John, on cello, bass and other assorted instruments, creates an orchestral and lyrical sound with the occasional touch of whimsy. Liv, on vocals, has the tenderness of a folk singer with the down and dirty pipes of a soul diva. Throw in a loop pedal for good measure and that's the sound of Barefoot Biscuit. 


emily manasco

24 Feb 2014


Beautiful. That's all I can say.

Beautiful. That's all I can say.