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Sounds like

The Fratellis, The Living End

band members

Alex Hingston - Vocals/Bass Alex Bush - Guitar/Vocals Matthew Armstrong - Drums/Vocals


The Fratellis, The Living End, Queens Of The Stone Age, DZ Deathrays, Arctic Monkeys, Weezer, The Hives, The Clash, Gyroscope


After spending 2019 in the wilderness, Baronaqua have returned with their energetic single When The Party's Over.

When The Party's Over marks the first release from the band since 2018's Six People In A Dream EP, and also introduces new singer/bassist Alex Hingston. The single brings a poppier edge to their catalogue of rollicking riffs and thundering choruses, culminating in a catchy earworm that will circle your head for days - crackling with electric magic and unafraid to show emotional depth.

Born in Melbourne in 2017, Baronaqua is Alex Hingston, Alex Bush, and Matthew Armstrong. After 2018 single Big Nasty was added to rotation on a variety of community radio stations, they spent 2019 recruiting Hingston to the fold and writing and recording new songs.