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Roots, Punk

Sounds like

gogol bordello, Alamaailman Vasarat, Estradasphere

band members

Don Carlos Parraga - Accordion / Julian Cue - Double bass, Vocals / Sean Wyers - Drums / Annie Pfeiffer - Percussion, Aviva Endean - Bass Clarinet / Anna Joy Gordon - Saxophone / Jules Brunton - Electric Guitar /


Tequila, the world, the undefined


It was the winter of 2007 and what had started as a “joke” between a handful of down and out Melbourne musos, quickly spiralled of out control into the musical juggernaut known as The Barons of Tang! Initially rehearsing in a well-known Melbourne squat, The Barons cut their teeth with performances for local underground theater and circus troupes. With a taste for travel and chaos, The Barons of Tang are now constantly embarking on merciless touring of Australia and the world, leaving a trail of battered and bruised dance floors in their wake. Lashing Tango, Rockabilly, Metal and Gypsy feels together with hard hitting guitar riffs, double kick blast beats and massive horn arrangements, The Barons of Tang serve up their self described ‘Gypsy Death-core’. The catchy tunes and punk ethos all tie together to mean one thing, dancing is inevitable! This genre mashing 7 piece, alternative gypsy ensemble have earned a reputation as one of Melbourne’s hardest working bands, playing nationally and internationally at festivals including Womad NZ, Splore NZ, Luminate NZ, Widows Peak USA, North West Folk Life USA, Womadalaide, Byron Bay Blues and Roots Festival, The Falls Festival, Woodford Folk Festival, Sunset Sounds Festival, Brisbane Festival, Sydney Festival, Melbourne International Arts Festival, Adelaide Fringe Festival, Alice Springs Desert Festival, Peats Ridge Festival, High Vibes, West End Carnivale, Karavan International Gypsy Festival, Brunswick Music Festival, Fairbridge Folk Festival, St Kilda Festival, Wallaby Creek Festival, Rainbow Serpent. And are touring New Zealand, USA, and Europe in 2012. The second EP"Knots and Tangles" is out now through The Planet Company. “a car crash with ska, rockabilly and hardcore all executed with absolutely furious energy. ..Nothing short of a huge achievement." 4ZZZ Music Department September 2010 Picks “ god, what joyous, mental bedlam they created..People were twisting, shouting, shaking, baking, flaking, mixing, throwing shapes, forming high-stepping lines .. the sheer thrill of the thing, the heady rush of the soaring accordion and tub-thumping double bass” Beetcliff Live Review 25/9/10