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Pop, Roots

band members

Bart Thrupp


Juzzy Smith, Colin Hay, Ash Grunwald, John Butler

Unearthed artists we like

Ethelred, Argentina



If I could live on a mountain and grow money trees
I would give a lot away and travel overseas
I want to keep some for myself but the cash under my belt
Won’t help the words onto the page and make the feeling felt
If I could find the fountain of youth for my face
I would bottle the juice and take it into outer space
I want to stay down to earth if I become a big star
A moment in the sun for me and my guitar
If I could write one hit wonder and take it all the way
I would call in sick to work I’m sick of working I would say
I want to sail around the world someday and travel back in time
What’s wrong with one great song? One hit wonder would be fine
Guitar strings break and how many years does overnight success take
Genuine or fake I’m not going under
It takes a whole life to write one hit wonder
If I had a band I would count in and you all knew the song
I would take it away a grand sing-a-long
Number one hit wonder where are you now
All the way and back again are you disappointed or proud?