A few years ago, they were a band called Twisted Logic Syndrome.TLS was created to make a new perspective of Electronic music. To mix genres that generally weren't mixed with EDM. Examples are Jazz, Funk and underground Hip Hop. After deciding that the musical talent was greatly contributed to a single member, TLS decided to split up and create a new production duo focused on the heavy side of EDM. The newly formed team, having started over, took some time to find their calling. However, once more the duo seemed not to be n par with one another. This is when Bass Reflex began a solo stage performance. Great coverage mixed with amazing skill led to the young Leon (then only 15) finding some publicity, playing in some small events, as well as receiving airplay from the world renowned from NY Talk Radio.. After meeting another lively producer at Flume's Sleepless remix competition, Leon and Jake realised they had more in common than first thought. With naming (with Leon going by Bass Reflex and Jake by Reflekz), music style and most things in general, the two producers decided to create a duo under the name Bass Reflex. Currently, the two producers are working with one another creating future material, while Leon is in the last stages of launching his EP. He was given an offer by No Ego records, but turned it down due to personal reasons. The two are sure to become big in the EDM scene in the near future. So keep your eyes peeled, Bass Reflex is on the verge of success!