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Roots, Rock

Sounds like

Tom Waits, The Band, The Pogues

band members

Chris Winterton - Vocals, Accodion, Guitar, Harmonica, Fiddle, keys. Luke Winterton - Vocals, Guitar, banjo. Matt Borg - Guitar, Mandolin. Andy Reed - Drums. Michael Marinucci - Bass. Wes Mowson - Trombone. Elisha Maiyah - Trumpet. Ben Carter - Sax.


The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Wilco


A Bastard Children show feels like a crowded party in a big old house. The songs are like different rooms down a dark hallway with creaking floors and heaving walls. It’s the wheeze of the accordion, the spilt blood of a dirty harmonica, the tearing of guitars and the scrape of the fiddle. The Bastard Children is the sound of Melbourne by night - the real Melbourne - it’s visceral, its unpretentious, and it’s bloody fun. The twisted offspring of junkyard folk, old-world gypsy, ragged celtic & dirty blues. A multi-instrumental globe-hopping jaunt through the Australian musical landscape. The Bastard Children bring the wheeze of the accordion, the spilled blood of a dirty harmonica, the tearing of guitars, the scrape of the mandolins, banjos and more. A fast paced live show that leaps through various styles and instruments with all the urgency of a thirsty drunkard. Sordid, scandalous and superbly attired, these lads are, like it or not, bastards of their own diverse cultural heritage. Grafted from the gnarled and twisted branches of Australia's musical family tree, theirs is a sound plundered from their foreign forebears. The soil is rich and the roots go deep and, although their sounds may have originated from foreign shores, The Bastard Children conjure the ignoble birth of something distinctly Australian and undeniably good fun.