Artist info



Sounds like

Motorhead, Venom, Bathory, Gospel of the Horns

band members

Chris Beesley - Vocals Bill Morgan - Guitars Matt Clarke - Bass George Delinicolis - Drums


Motorhead, Destroyer 666, Darkthrone


Bastardizer was formed in early 2013 in Sydney, Australia with the intention of producing a brand of dirty black thrash n roll that raises fists, induces heads to bang and makes babes horny.

Since then the band has garnered a very strong legion of fans after numerous live onslaughts across Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and Asia, as well as supporting heavy metal heavy weights such as Morbid Angel, Hobbs Angel of Death, Origin, Destroyer 666, Skull Fist, Tribulation, Lich King, Midnight, Toxic Holocaust, and Coroner.

Debut LP 'Enforcers of Evil' was released through Heavy Forces (Germany) and Hells Vomit (New Zealand) in 2014 followed by split releases 'Strike of the Bastard' (2015) and 'Bring Back the Riff' (2016). Latest LP 'Dawn of Domination' was released in September 2018 through Undercover/Evil Spell Records (Germany). Bastardizer are ready to unleash their Hellish attack upon the rest of the world.