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Hip Hop, Rock

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Dylan Johnstone: Bass Guitar/Vocals, Matthew Roach: Drums, Matt Collins: Guitar/Vocals, Blake Walsh: Vocals


Funk, Hip-Hop, Reggae

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The Familiars


Combining four outstandingly different musicians with a danceable energy and the song writing intensity of champions to boot, Bats vs Snakes is one band you can’t afford to miss. Serving up delicious smackerals of hip hop, funk, pop-rock and punk on the silver platter of stage presence, the Bats vs Snakes live experience will leave you knee-quiveringly, eardrum-achingly satisfied every time. Hip hop MC Blake Walsh leads the charge with phenomenal force, spitting out precise, witty vocals atop ferociously funky basslines and making the sweetest lyrical love to any kind of crowd. Feel the fire and slap your eyes on, undeniably, one of the most inspiring live offerings in the Northern Rivers.