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Indie, Rock

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Michael Theodore

band members

Michael Theodore: Guitars, Vocals, Piano. Jules Dowson: Bass Guitar. Sam Dowson: Percussion


Everything We've ever heard.

Unearthed artists we like

Theo, Scott Spark, courtney barnett


Theo and Jules, started Baxter off marching into the bush to write songs, armed with nothing more than an acoustic guitar, a bombilla & gourd and a cassette tape recorder. From the bush to 122, we upgraded to an electric kit, an electric guitar, and still the bombilla & gourd remained. It was at this point we realized we couldn't do it without the skills of Sam. So we upgraded again to a full kit, electric guitars, bass, a mic, and I believe it was at about this point we forgot that the bombilla & gourd ever existed. Having now recorded our debut album in Cambridge 'The Romance Of...', explored the world briefly, we now return to Tasmania to continue the good times. I give you an original sound to be reckoned with, The Baxter Stockman.