Artist info


Indie, Pop, Punk, Rock

Sounds like

PJ Harvey, Bloc Party

band members

Bec - Vox & Guitar. Lloyd - Guitar. Murray - Bass. Marty - Drums.


Interpol, PJ Harvey, Built To Spill, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Bloc Party



Welding otherworldly guitar lines to snotty, sludge-punk rhythms, The Bear Hunt’s loose, textured sound stretches from jagged landscapes of pure distortion to urgent, soaring choruses; replete with poppy grandeur.

The Bear Hunt’s credentials are well-established with both a sold out EP and album under their belts. They have shared the stage with such legends as Built to Spill, Screamfeeder, Hockey Dad and Lazertits. While also reaching the top 25 of Brisbane community radio station 4ZZZ’s Hot 100 Countdown for the past three years running with previous singles ‘Ready or Not’, ‘Who Made You God?’ and ‘Name & Shame’.

Get prepped for the 2019 album release "Goodnight, Sweet Losers", where deafening noise rubs shoulders with aching pop and the wild, risky allegiance is ready to fall apart at any second.