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Sounds like

Finntroll, Troldhaugen, Trollfest

band members

Adam Kluckers - Vocals | Tim Brown - Keyboard | Reece Paine - Guitar | Andy Read - Bass


Finntroll, Dream Theater



BEAST IMPALOR! Crawling from the disgusting swamp lands of the nations capital. With elements from progressive, death, symphonic and folk metal, Beast Impalor have forged a unique and original sound. Bouncy riffs, fast blasts and odd timing bring together the ultimate musical carnival that makes Beast Impalor stand out in the local canberra metal scene.

Heavily keyboard based with large, epic orchestrations, crushing guitar and literal goblin-madman on vocals, Beast Impalor have been best described as 'not your typical metal band, with a massive energy on stage.

Touring up and down the east coast of aus since 2014, from Brisbane down to Melbourne, there are only beastly things to come!

"Equal parts madness and genius" - HEAVY Music mag.