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Natalie Merchant, Michelle Shocked


Natalie Merchant, Greg Arnold (Things of Stone and Wood)



The Nukara Music Festival dubs Beck Tuesley's music as 'sweet folk/pop'. The Geraldton Guardian describes Beck as 'Geraldton's folk/pop darling' (3.2.16) and her recent album review in the Midwest Times as an 'ideal travelling companion' (24.2.16). Beck is a storyteller and has a real desire to share these stories through song. Her inspiration is derived from her love of Australia and the incredible people and landscapes. Her songs of relationships, love and loss can be emotional yet uplifting at the same time. Her song Don't Tell Eva tells the tale of the famous Loch Ard shipwreck and survivor Eva Carmichael in a haunting and melodic way. Audience members have shared how they felt the same way about Vlaming Head Lighthouse as depicted in the song I Remain Here. At 5'2" holding a mini guitar she is affectionately known by her friends as Little Miss Beck. Beck Tuesley's debut album Trade was released in February 2016 at the Funtavia Festival.