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Sounds like

Sarah McLachlan, Missy Higgins, tori amos

band members

Bek Webber - vocals, piano, songwriter (Anando Bharti -Mandocello, Bass, Guitar, Dilruba & Peter Leighton -Drums)


India Arie, Michael Franti, jack johnson



I have been writing music since the age of 14 where I wrote a song about my perception of what it would be like to be blind. From that first song til now I have used music to get through many moments in my life good and bad. I now have a beautiful 3 year old daughter and am hoping to show her that you can always 'dream big' and things will happen to make them come true!! I live near the water in Qld. I just completed a demo cd at studios near Byron Bay and am excited about this new stage of my music career.