Artist info


Indie, Pop

Sounds like

THE LEMONHEADS, wilco, the band

band members

Alfred Daniel - vocals & guitar, Glen Sayers - drums, Nick Tumney - bass, Matt Daniel - guitar


Teenage Fanclub, the beatles


The Bell Parade (formerly The Attachments) began life in 2004, at the instigation of drummer Glen Sayers. Glen had experience with various Melbourne indie acts, and his solid background in classic indie/shoegazing pop inspired his fertile mind to hatch a plan. He called Alf. This was too important to trust to a text message. As well as contributing to albums by Even and Curse Ov Dialect, Alf happened to have been writing the kind of songs that Glen wanted to hear. Alf described his music as aniseed bubblegum pop and Glen was cool with it. Then they got happy. So happy that Alf's brother Matt, from The Fold, decided to join in. Matt provided the vital ingredient of lead guitar/mad geniusness as well as the potential for fraternal harmony. He brought with him Nick from his band The Fold, both of them battle-hardened by the Melbourne gigging scene and European festival appearance at Haldern-Pop in Germany and Alive in Belgium... The Bell Parade have spent the last year or so recording an album the way they think it should be done. The first single, 'A Shirt That I Once Wore', will be released digitally on Feb 11, 2011. The album hits the stores on March 18!