Artist info


Roots, Rock

Sounds like

Joe Strummer and the Mescalaros, The Kills, The Soledad Brothers

band members

Tim Hamzah - Guitar and Vox Phoebe Hamzah - Vox Paver Pickins - Drums


Johnny Cash, The Clash, Kings of Leon


Feeling as though you’ve been driving for days on a desert highway, stoned for most of it, food wrappers, ciggie butts and cans littering your tired ol’ El Camino, but still constantly pushing forward through the heat and desolation, singing along to the dirty country and blues pouring from the radio, when oh oh, you hear the voice of a beautiful siren beckoning you from the strangled depths of a dim and unsavoury motel that has all the charms of an apocalyptic trailer park in disrepair. Hypnotically entranced you turn off the dusty road, with your foot tapping and heart racing you make your way to her, knowing that she’ll only devour you whole, yet strangely you do not care. Introducing The Belle Ends... Originally starting out as a two piece feed in mid 2004, a kiss led to love and love led to morning, and morning led to strumming the guitar in bed. It wasn’t long until the rough, gritty and driving force of Tim was able to persuade the fair, pure, naïve innocence of jazz trained Phoebes to get up on open mic night at Mojo's Bar. Folks couldn’t get enough of their strangely fused parched country rock, gritty blues, uncategorisable, harmony driven sound and The Belle Ends were born. The Belle Ends then hit the roads for the next 2 years playing all over this sun ravaged state of ours with nair a lick of sunscreen in sight. Such is the power of their UV repellent country strangled siren charms. Such a varied and loved sound saw tours and dates with The Drones, The Presets, Red Jezebel, The Fuzz, Schvendes and The Kill Devil Hills to name but a few, from the far corners of the southwest to the glamour filled vomit pits of the city. After 2 years of two piece feed, they stumbled across Paver Pickins who had appeared to have spent his days in a drunken haze at the bar of a derelict brothel, where his head was filled with the sound of whiskey sloshing down his own gullet, with whores enacting on perma-repeat the best 2 minutes of their goddamn lives and the sound of the steam trains ferociously clicking down the tracks, hell bent on shaking that pit of sin to the ground any chance they got. Or at least that’s what the voices in his head suggested. As it turned out the click of the demon trains in his head gave the fellow an unnatural sense of rhythm and as it turns out he ain’t half bad on the ol’ pig skins. The Belle Ends grew an extra head. The drunken swagger of the Belle Ends of old evolved into a dirty, trashier, conceived–in-the-dunny-of-a-trailerpark and am really narked off but in a genuinely beautiful and romantic kinda way, under the newly formed hydra, and the trio didn’t look back (except when head counts came up 2 and Paves and Phoebes had to backtrack to the pet shop to peel cooing Timmy away from the puppy dogs). The Belle Ends have just recently grown a fourth head and Mr Simon Roggio has thrown his bass into the volatile and highly infectious mix. Four’s a party that ain't gonna stop. The family feast are now heading into the studio to record the EP that this town has been at them to do for a very long time, but have recently released the single End Of An Era as a little hors d'oeuvre for all to snack on. Their genuine, raw, delicate and brutally honest harmony driven sound has seen them as recent winners of Triple J’s Unearthed which saw them support Missy Higgins at the Perth Concert Hall and "End Of An Era" hitting the J-airwaves for the rest of the country to dance their hearts out too. Truly, you’ll feel like dancing too.