Artist info


Pop, Indie

band members

Julien Castegnaro - vocals, guitar; Anne Edwards - vocals, piano accordion; Lino Romeo - guitarrón; Mary Jones - vocals, clarinet, saxophone; Trevor Brown - clarinet, saxophone, percussions


Les Hurlements d'Léo, Mark Curry, Tom Waits

Unearthed artists we like

Loon Lake, Lime and Steel, Chris Gillespie


Established 2011, Belle Jar plays an energetic blend of gypsy, Klezmer, swing and pop styles, with a mixture of English and French lyrics. Belle Jar plays mostly original songs. Belle Jar is a popular party band in the Blue Mountains for their driving rhythms and infectious melodies that get audiences up and dancing, sometimes on the tables. At the recent Canberra Folk Festival, organisers had to carpet the dirt floors because the dancers was raising too much dust. Their lyrics tell stories of urban disenchantment and of breaking out of the monotonous mould of the ordinary. Songs regularly culminate in wild abandon. The band likes to dress according to their mood which can be anything from circus to burlesque to Paris chic and enjoys nothing more than a dancing, theme dressed audience to party with.