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Indie, Rock

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Amy, Tina


Dresden Dolls, Explosions in the Sky, The Middle East, Warpaint

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Dear Plastic, The Infants



Reforming as a two woman force in 2013, the pair released their stripped back sophomore EP "Peace Offering", amidst a rapid 40 shows in the first 9 months out on their own.
Using this period to breed a brazen live show reminiscent of Dresden Dolls - yet filled out by giant post-rock instrumentals - drummer Tina Nguyen adopted a synth with her left hand while singer/guitarist Amy Wright became proficient with live looping and delay manipulations - surprising punters from beer gardens expecting to see a stage full of musicians.

Obsessed with dynamics, subtlety and candid storytelling, the band’s sound is sometimes likened to Warpaint or Explosions in the Sky, but with a wild improvised approach to live shows that can only be seen by a 2 piece act who have been through so much together. Amy and Tina seamlessly feed off and into each other’s musical space with dramatic cuts of unplanned silence, screams and banter with each other.

Having recorded and mixed their follow up EP "Close" at Phaedra Studios with John Lee (Beaches, Pikelet, Love of Diagrams), Beloved Elk dropped the first single and video for "Made out of Glue" - followed by a brief August tour of Canada in 2015.
This downbeat first single "Made out of Glue" bridges the duo's spontaneous musicality with a mature progression of lyrics; each verse written 6 months apart.

'Close' was released on LISTEN Records, a feminist record label based in Melbourne, in Feb 2016. A Melbourne / Adelaide tour accompanied the release along with appearances at festivals Stargazed and Gaytimes.

The duo are now knuckling down to work on their debut album, due late 2016 on LISTEN Records.

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Reviewed by Dave Ruby Howe Dave Ruby Howe

29 Jan 2014

Triple J

Really like what these guys are putting out - kind of unpredictable, intelligent indie rock.

Really like what these guys are putting out - kind of unpredictable, intelligent indie rock.