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Rock, Metal

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Soda Lee- Lead Vocals Tony Mcluskey - Guitar,Vocals Leroy Cleaver - Drums



BELTANE FIRE was officially formed in late 2009 as a five piece recording project, based on three core members. It wasn't long however, before the band became a dynamic live act. The members are long term local players, all with at least 20 years experience, and have all toured nationally It is a fully original Hard Rock outfit inspired by timeless and classic music influences, blended with the passion and rebellion of the hardest power bands of the 80s & 90s. The songs are high energy, and melodic with a deep blues/bass driven edge. As a live act, BELTANE FIRE likes a large stage, and entertain with mild theatrics, in true rock star style, keeping the audience mesmerised throughout the entire performance. It is still quite early days for BELTANE FIRE, and the band is looking forward to some fairly ambitious recording plans. The official recording of the debut CD SPELLBOUND is underway, and on completion will be followed by gigs and showcase events. A second album has already been written, and at least %50 of both CD sales will go to selected Global charities such as.World Vision, IFAW, Oxfam and more to be announced. All songs presented here are not the final product and will be subject to change and additions. ------------------------------------------------------ All material is APRA. and IMR. licenced. BELTANE FIRE is a financed project and is open to Touring and Management proposals. ------------------------------------------------------