Artist info


Indie, Roots

Sounds like

Bon Iver, Matt Corby, Fleet Foxes

band members

Ben Webb Matt Spier Jake Graham


sushi, tea


"Ben And The Sea are a trio from Newcastle, Australia who arrange awfully pretty songs. The creative force behind the band is lead singer and songwriter Ben Webb, whose story is a kind of journeyman’s tale. After two bouts with Bell’s palsy left Webb’s face partially paralyzed, he set out from his hometown of Port Stephens, New South Wales on a trip down the east coast of Australia playing small gigs and, I imagine, endearing plenty of fans to his brand of understated guitar-and-strings folk rock. Along with bandmates Matt Spier on drums and Jacob Graham on bass, Webb is releasing this new single called “Snow,” which features some nice keyboard work to go along with some nice orchestral elements and Webb’s lovely vocals." - Wounded Jukebox (2012)